Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Positve and Negative Effects of Mining

Group 3

Elmer Asim  Jr
Eugen Ayudan
Roger Mahicon
Christine Lauang

Positive and Negative effects of Mining

Thesis Statement: The mining has a positive and negative effect on a country 
I.Mining yields our economy a big capital and involves the use of the country's resources.
              A.Mining uplifts the economy   as well as the stocks exchange at the Philippines.
              B.Mining is the process of collecting minerals underground.
II.Mining provides raw materials for the construction of building srtuctures
             A.It collects a metals, iron and minerals that helps in constructing roads, bridges, and other 
                 structure that benefits us an individual.
                1.According to what we have seen in all most cities and rural areas.
            B.It makes us elegant in anyways by using jewelries.
                1.It's according to people who almost use jewels as well as the decoration of their houses  that  
                make their home beautiful.
III.Mining affects the Environment.
            A.It destroys our forest and leads to catastrophes and pollution.
               1.In the present, we are now suffering floods, landslides and chemical wages that
                   pollutes the air that we breath and water that we drink.
                2.Destroy agricultural industries and historical places.
            B.It affects health of people.
                1.Gives disease to those who are exposed to chemical waste from mining.
                    according to the survey of  DOH.
                 2.Gives infection to an individual that causes death.
            C.It affects our natural resources.
                 1.Animals become extinct because of mining.
                     according to PETA survey.
                  2.Destroy land ownership and cause of greenhouse effect.
IV.Mining is the most destructible operation all over the world.
             A.Destroy the habitat of the animals and causes of their extinction.
                 1.According to the survey for 2010 of animals, almost of our aquatic and land animals
                     are extinct.
             B.Mining uplift of growth rate of death.
                 1.According to the NSO the rate of death is increasing because
                       of mining aside from other.
             C.We must stop all forms of mining.
                  1.There must a law that will stop mining operation in the country.
                  2.Government should be a part of the stopping of mining operation, but many of our 
                      government officials are against the anti-mining law.
V.We are against mining because of it's huge bad effect to our environment.

                       Mining is the process of collecting minerals in the ground.Mining aside of the bad effects,
                 it has also benefits that we can get.It helps our economy yields a big capital.It uplifts the economy
                 as well as the stock exchange of our country.
                        Aside from negative effects of mining, it has also positive effects in our lives.It provides a raw 
                  materials like metals, irons, and minerals.These materials can help us to construct concrete buildi-
                  ngs, roads, bridges, and etc.We become elegant by using jewelries from mining.
                        Mining has also negative effects in our environment.It destroy our forest that leads to 
                   catastrophes and pollution.It affects the health of people and our natural resources.Bacause
                   of mining, we are suffering floods, landslides and other natural disaster.It also destroy our
                   agricultural and historical areas.It gives disease to people and causes death.
                         Mining is the worst operation that causes of destruction of the animals habitat and causes 
                     of their extinction.It also causes of increasing rates of death.Like some death of trapped miners
                     in every mining operation.We the sovereign Filipino people must stop all forms of mining and
                     government must help us in the stopping mining operation but our government are irresponsible 
                          We are against mining because of its effects to the environment.We support the about the 
                      church about their anti-mining campaign.


  1. Modern mining is capable of improving and providing better environmnetal conditions, better society along with good economy. Not mining induced pollution but the mind pollution is most destructive in today's world.

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